Financial Arguments Early in Marriage: A Bad Sign

Financial Arguments Early in Marriage: A Bad SignThe cause for divorce is certainly situational, but a recent study shows that arguments over finances during early stages of a relationship predicate incompatibility and dissatisfaction. The study shows that the amount of money possessed by the couple is irrelevant; disputes over finances happen at all levels. The subject of finance during these arguments elicits strong emotion and language that can be uncharacteristic of either spouse. These disputes are often more heated than quarrels over in-laws, children or sexual interaction and the wounds they cause often take longer to heal.

The stress caused by financial issues and conflict only builds over time. Financial planner, Sonya Britt, notes that “people who are stressed are very short-term focused. They don’t plan for the future,” worsening the stress they already have. Britt encourages young couples to beseech the help of a financial planner to assist in the formulation of long term goals that will build financial stability to help overcome future obstacles. She also recommends getting credit reports in order to clearly establish the foundation of a couple’s finances. Couples that continue to have financial arguments will indubitably decrease their relationship satisfaction, so it is best have a plan that will decrease stress and clearly outline cooperative goals and treat money “fairly in the house-hold”.

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