Can Taking A Break Save Your Relationship?

Taking a break for your relationshipAs great as your relationship is, it can sometimes take a turn for the worse. It’s not at all uncommon for there to be ebbs and flows in relationships. At times you might be entirely understanding and loving towards each other and at others be acting in a manner generally reserved for only your worst enemies. So what’s a couple to do when in one of these down periods? Well, you might want to consider the benefits of taking a break.

While many couples might think that a break is just a pre-cursor to breaking up, it isn’t necessarily so. The primary benefit that a break can provide is that it gives each individual time to reflect upon the relationship and to cool down, thereby minimizing the chances of either person doing something regrettable while tensions are high.

When things are heated, the individuals in the relationship might try to find small ways to get back at each other that can ultimately be devastating for the couple. For example, the man or woman in the relationship might try to draw extra attention from the opposite sex in order to make their partner jealous, or they might start acting passive aggressively in order to try to make the other person realize how dependent they are. No matter what the revenge plan is, trying to devise one takes time away from addressing the real issues that are affecting the couple.

Taking a break allows you to find remedies and fixes to the problems ailing the relationship. Each partner should just keep to themselves and refrain from talking to the other until the emotions are cooled down and each person is thinking calmly and rationally.

Having this time to breathe allows for a gradual evolution of your feelings from hating each other, to realizing you truly care for each other, and ultimately to missing each other and wanting to be together. Taking a break doesn’t even have to mean you’re living in two completely separate houses. Couples living under the same roof simply have to respect each other’s privacy and try to stay out of the same room.

Ultimately, taking a break means you’ll be able to patch up relationship issues with a clear head and a minimal amount of emotionally charged decision making. The extra time you spend thinking about the relationship instead of taking pot shots at each other can truly help a couple stay together.