Summer Reading Programs for Children

June kicks off the summer season, and your children are ready to let off steam after a school year packed with homework and activities. Kids deserve a bit of relaxation, but ensuring that they’re mentally engaged can help keep them on track for next fall. Summer reading programs help prepare Orange County students for the second half of the 2015 school year in a way that’s enjoyable for them as well.

Two children reading in Orange County
As parents, we want our children to succeed at everything they do. Having a head start can bolster younger students’ confidence, but enjoying the summer months is equally important. Learning programs for St. Edward the Confessor Parish School students offer the following features:

  • Games
  • Customized learning plans
  • Available for all reading levels
  • Adaptable to your schedule

Program head Shannon Clarke incorporates a number of techniques and activities to develop skills and foster a love for reading. From getting family members involved to weaving the best of 2015 technology into lesson plans, the program’s childhood development expert uses every tool at her disposal to produce successful results. This blend of social interaction, technology and old-fashioned fun helps make the transition from June classes to summer reading pleasant and rewarding.

Young boy sitting on books readingThe first set of sessions began in May, but a second set runs from June through July and a third from July through August. Private, semi-private and group lessons are available for kids aged two-and-a-half to 12.

Parents in the Orange County area who want their children to begin preparing for the fall semester this June can find more information or sign up at the Reading Rascals website. Whether your children are already enrolled in school or you want to instill a love for books even earlier, kick off Summer 2015 with the perfect learning program for your young ones.


Orange County offers a variety of fun and engaging summer reading programs for children. Do you have a place worth sharing? Please share with us below.