Top Private Schools in Santa Ana

Your children’s education is your top priority. With access to dozens of private Santa Ana schools, though, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. When you send your kids to school next September, we want you to feel confident in your choice. Read on to discover our top private-school picks for 2015:

  • Blind Children’s Learning Center
  • Maranatha Christian Academy
  • South Coast Metro Children’s Village
  • St. Anne School
  • Early Childhood Center at Temple Beth Sholom

The Blind Children’s Learning Center serves the unique needs of visually impaired children. From mobility training and counseling to academics, your child will benefit from a wide range of services. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1, pupils receive the individual attention they need to succeed in 2015 and throughout their lives. The school serves children in pre-school through grade 12.

Pre-school through 12th-grade children receive a faith-based education at Maranatha Christian Academy. In addition to traditional academics, physical education and music, children are encouraged to volunteer and serve. Maranatha is primarily for children of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa members, but others may apply for admission as well.

Teacher with students at school in Santa Ana, CA

This September, learn more about how South Coast Metro Children’s Village provides a well-rounded educational experience. Math, writing, art, handwriting, playtime and physical development are all important components of the program. A lovely playground provides fresh air and stimulate the senses, while the Life Garden provides real-world educational opportunities. Parents are invited to arrange visits, and those who work nearby (as many do) can make full use of lunchtime visits and the carpool lane. South Coast serves infants through age 12.

Happy kids at school in Santa Ana, CA
Children from pre-school age through eighth grade can receive a Catholic education at St. Anne School. Students are members of St. Anne Parish and other area parishes. The school encourages ongoing teacher training and is accredited by both the Western Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Rigorous academics, personal responsibility and a sense of social justice are key components of the program at St. Anne.

The Early Childhood Center at Temple Beth Sholom prepares children from toddler age through six years for learning, both in academic settings and for the rest of their lives. The school’s research-based approach to childhood development fosters a strong sense of self in the context of learning as part of a group. Language, the arts and mathematics are taught, as well as activities geared towards physical, social and emotional growth.

In 2015, parents have an abundance of educational options for their children. We hope our guide has given you an idea of the many quality schools in Santa Ana, and we wish you luck with your search this September.


Does your child attend one of these schools? If so, we want to hear more about her experience. Please share below.