Best Indoor Playgrounds in Orange County

Santa Ana kids want and need to stay active all year round. As any parent knows, chilly weather and rainy days don’t make the urge to play disappear! Orange County indoor playgrounds help your little ones ward off December boredom. Try our top picks for 2015:

  • Jump ‘n Jammin
  • Seascape Kids Fun
  • Playland Cafe

Make the drive to Mission Viejo for an afternoon of family fun. Kids aren’t the only ones who will enjoy a day at Jump ‘n Jammin. The family entertainment center is stocked with interactive play structures for kids of all ages. Rock climbing, obstacle courses, tube crawls and a host of other safety features will keep everyone entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Kaleidoscope Mall
27741 Crown Valley Parkway
Mission Viejo CA 92691

Boy Rock Climbing at Jump 'n Jammin in Mission Viejo, CA

Open play sessions are crazy-fun when you have giant slides and foam-shooting air guns at your disposal. The three levels of play space at Seascape Kids Fun ensure good times during play dates, field trips, and private parties. Anaheim’s parents can stay occupied too, thanks to the free wi-fi available here. Seascape makes December days a treat, so you won’t mind if Winter 2015 rears its head on occasion.

4771 E. Hunter Avenue
Anaheim CA 92807

Children Eating Lunch at Playland Cafe in Irvine, CA
Start your journey to kid-friendly entertainment with the short drive from Santa Ana to Irvine. Good, clean fun is always on the menu at Playland Cafe. There’s no need for multiple stops when you can feed them a healthy, delicious meal and let them play off all that energy afterward! Big slides, built-in toys, and play structures make for an all-around great day. Parents will love the free wi-fi, as well as on-site food and beverages.

880 Roosevelt
Irvine CA 92620

Whatever kind of weather the 2015 winter season brings, your kids will have plenty of opportunities for December fun. Try these indoor play spaces in the Santa Ana area the next time the temperature dips, rain hits, or your little ones just need to burn off some of that abundant kid energy.