Why You Need a Certified Family Law Specialist During Divorce

Cases pertaining to our families can be some of the most complex and emotionally charged legal matters for clients and the attorneys who represent them. The best way for us to know that our attorney is knowledgeable and capable of handling family law cases is to hire a lawyer certified as a family law specialist.

California certification process

A Santa Ana attorney may apply for certification by the state as a family law specialist. The 2015 prerequisites for applying to become a family law specialist include having a minimum of five years of proven experience handling family law matters, and they must complete at least 45 hours of continuing legal education. Prior to having their application reviewed by the California Board of Legal Specialization, attorneys must complete a written examination testing their knowledge.

Man Consulting with Family Law Specialist in Orange County, CA

Complex legal issues presented by divorce and family law cases

Divorce and family law cases present attorneys and their clients with a varied assortment of complex legal issues covering such topics as:

• Community property laws and distribution of marital property
Child custody and parenting plans
• Tax consequences of divorce settlements
• Pension rights and retirement plans
Couple Meeting for Divorce Mediation in Orange County, CA

Why hire a family law specialist for a divorce

We can benefit from having a family law specialist representing us for several reasons, including:

• Experience as a decision-maker: Family law specialists must prove they have been the principal attorney in a significant number of trials or hearings concerning divorce and family law issues.
• Overall familiarity with divorce and family law: A substantial portion of a family law specialist’s practice must be devoted to that area of the law for at least five years prior to applying for certification.
• Respected by judges and peers: The certifying board requires applicants to provide references including other lawyers and judges who can verify the competency and expertise of the applicant.
• Recognized as an expert in the field: Only a small percentage of lawyers are recognized as specialists in California as of December 2015. The reputation a specialist brings took a case can be an advantage.
• Knowledge of the laws: Attorneys must complete continuing legal education courses in family law to maintain their certification as specialists.

Divorce has long-term consequences. Attorneys who are specialists in family law offer us the best opportunity to achieve a favorable outcome. If you are ready to speak to someone who can help, call The Law Offices of William M. Strachan at (714) 841-1931 or visit his website.