Healthy Relationship Habits for 2021

Being in a relationship takes work. While it shouldn’t always be an uphill battle (if it is, that’s a sign it may be time to call it quits), there are things you can do if you want a healthy relationship that’s going to go the distance.

Practicing healthy relationship habits can help to make things go smoother. Take a look at these habits to see if you’re doing these already or if you have some work to do.

Speak Positively About Your Partner to Others

If you’re constantly talking badly about your partner and putting them down in public and at home, it’s going to eventually destroy your relationship. It brings feelings of disrespect and will drive you apart. On the flip side, if you speak positively, it can help to strengthen your bond.  Positive language helps to bring feelings of admiration and love which are attributes of a healthy relationship.

Always Respect Your Partner

Besides speaking positively about your partner, you should always show respect. When you respect your partner, you love them for who they are. While you may not agree on everything, you still respect their viewpoint and respect them as an individual.

If you don’t show respect, it will create feelings of distrust and anger. When someone is disrespected whether at home or in public, it can lead to insecurity issues which can destroy a relationship. Respect is a crucial building block of a healthy relationship and if you keep this top of mind, you can go a long way together.

Unplug and Spend Time with Your Partner

At the end of the day, you may just want to zone out and watch TV or scroll through your phone. Instead, unplug from all devices and have a conversation with your partner.  Talk about your day, what’s going on, plan an outing…basically, just communicate.  Be sure not to just talk about you.  Take time to ask your partner questions and listen to how they felt about their day.  This will help to keep you connected and in a healthy relationship.

Reconnect Throughout the Day

The days are busy and long. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your partner. Even if it’s just a quick text “hello” or to ask how they’re doing, by reaching out you’re letting them know that you’re thinking about them. This lets them know that you’re always looking for ways to find time for them and that you’re never too busy. When people feel important, they feel loved. Feeling loved and thought of is critical to having a healthy relationship.

Do Chores Together

No one loves cleaning or doing the dishes. But, if you can do it with your partner, it can make it more bearable. Cook dinner together or organize the house together. This can give you time to talk and can make the time go by faster. It can also eliminate the finger-pointing that someone is not carrying their weight around the house.

Say Sorry and Mean It

We can all tell when someone apologizes just for the sake of apologizing. If they don’t mean the words they’re saying, the apology is useless. Owning up to your mistakes and genuinely being sorry is the more mature route to take. This will let your partner know that you realize you made a mistake and are ready to move on. If your apology is sincere they should be ready to do the same.

Don’t Hold Grudges

It’s okay to have a disagreement and to be mad for a while. But, don’t hold a grudge. Instead, talk about the issue and realize that everyone makes mistakes. This can allow you to move on rather than hold something over someone’s head for eternity.

Find Time to Cuddle

Taking the time for a quick cuddle or snuggle in the morning or at night can help to raise your oxytocin levels. Physical touch is known to release this “feel-good” hormone that can make us happy. The more time you can find to squeeze this in, the happier you can be. This can lead to a healthier relationship.

The holiday season and the New Year are perfect reasons to focus on establishing healthy relationship habits. If you’re already doing many of them, then your relationship is probably stable and happy. If not, it’s not too late to put some of these habits into practice and turn things around. Once you do, you should see and feel the difference in your relationship.