Virtual Activities for Kids

These days, virtual activities have taken over for kids. With many places not being able to reopen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and others with many restrictions, parents are turning to their computers to find things to keep their kids busy. Many places are thinking out of the box to offer kids activities while keeping their business afloat.

The good thing about virtual activities is that kids can do them from anywhere in the country. This can allow them to try new things that they may have never had access to before now. If you’re looking for virtual activities, here are some ideas to get you started.

Art classes

If your child likes to draw or maybe wants to start learning how to paint, many places offer online art classes. They are usually age-specific so that the skills are matched to the child’s ability. The great thing about these classes is that many times your child may only need a sketch pad and some colored pencils to get started. For more advanced classes you may need to invest in some paint or canvases.

STEM classes

STEM is all the rage these days so why not introduce the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math? Many kids are surprised to learn that STEM is in their everyday lives. From the video games they play to the bridges they ride in while in the car, STEM has so many different avenues to follow.

Many virtual STEM programs allow children to make fun projects right at home. The classes are usually small enough so that kids get the individual attention they need to make their projects work. In the process, they may even gain an interest in an area that could lead to a career down the road.

Music classes

Why not introduce an instrument to your child during this time at home? Some apps can teach instruments and music schools that are offering online lessons. If your child is just starting out, it may be tough in the beginning for them to get used to the instrument. But, once they do, they can be making music right at home.

Virtual camps

Who says kids have to leave home to go to camp? There are many virtual camps online that offer a variety of activities. There are athletic activities, arts and crafts, and even easy recipes for kids to try. All of these activities can be done right at home, many with things that people already have at home. Kids just need to log on, follow the directions, and have fun!


Many local libraries across the country are holding virtual story times. Listening to stories helps many young children develop their reading and verbal skills. These virtual story times are sometimes held on Facebook while some libraries will use other platforms to reach children.

Virtual museum, zoo, and aquarium tours

While you may not be able to take your child to a museum in person, you can take them on a virtual tour where they can see the same exhibits. Many museums are offering this option to stay connected to visitors.

Zoos and aquariums are also doing the same thing. They are offering virtual exhibits. Some are even doing special programs online to keep kids engaged and learning about animals. If your child loves animals it’s definitely worth checking out to see what’s available.

Magic lessons

What kid doesn’t like magic? Many kids also like to recreate the tricks they see. Kids can learn how to do many of those tricks with online magic lessons. The best part is they can try what they’ve learned on you to see if they can trick you.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with virtual activities for kids. Just as many businesses are thinking out of the box to keep going, parents need to do the same. With a little creativity, your children can stay active and learn new things. You may be surprised at the results!