Guinness Book of World Records for Marriage and Divorce

Guinness World Records LogoThis week we’ve decided to bring back one of our favorite and most entertaining posts about world record-holders for both marriage and divorce. Get ready to have fun and enjoy these facts!

Longest marriage

The record for the world’s longest marriage goes to Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, who were married for an astonishing 86 years, 9 months, and 16 days as of February 14, 2024. In the 10+ years since we first wrote about Herbert and Zelmyra, no one has even come close to beating their record. Although they have left this world, they will never be forgotten.

Shortest marriage in Hollywood

The shortest marriage in Hollywood took place between screen legend Rudolph Valentino and actress Jean Acker. The two wed in 1919 but no sooner was the service over than Acker started having some serious doubts resulting in her locking her newly betrothed Valentino out of their honeymoon suite. After approximately 20 minutes of knocking, Valentino gave up and went home. During their divorce proceedings, Jean Acker claimed that they never consummated their union, which is of no surprise to anyone since her husband didn’t even make it past the bedroom door. And there you have it, a Hollywood marriage lasting no longer than an episode of your favorite sitcom.

Most married woman in the world 

This Guinness world record goes to Linda Wolfe who said “I do” a whopping 23 times. Her first marriage at just 16 was for love while her last in 1996 was for publicity as she married Glynn “Scotty” Wolfe, the world’s most married man. In between, Linda married a whole host of men such as a convict, a homeless man, a musician, and a plumber. One marriage lasted only 36 hours and she married one lucky fellow on three separate occasions! While she divorced most of her 23 partners her final marriage ended in 1997 when her husband died of natural causes leaving Linda to live out the rest of her days as a single woman.

Most renewals of marriage vows

This world record goes to a couple from Hendersonville, Tennessee named Laura and David Blair. They have proudly held the title since 2001 when they renewed their vows for the 66th time. During their 30 years of marriage, David & Laura said “I do” a total of 109 times! From their first marriage ceremony in California in 1984, the Blairs have renewed their vows at a tailgate party, funeral party, and far-off places like Aruba and Scotland. Sadly, 109 will be the record to beat as Linda passed away in 2010 at the age of 69.

Most expensive wedding in the world

Though there are many contenders for this title, one comes out on top and that is the marriage between Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, an Emirati royal, and his bride Princess Sheikha. Held in 1979 in a custom-built venue in Dubai, this week-long extravaganza cost $45 million which equates to a staggering 137 million dollars today! With over 20,000 guests in attendance, the entertainment did not disappoint. Dubai’s Police Air Wing performed, a fleet of 20 bejeweled camels made their entrance, and acrobats and dancers dazzled the guests with their performances. Luckily this couple withstood the test of time because the division of property and assets sure would be a headache!

Oldest couple to divorce

For reasons still unknown to this day, 98-year-old Bertie and Jessie Wood filed for divorce after 36 years of marriage. With just two years away from their 100th birthdays, the Woods received their decree absolute and went their separate ways.

An honorable mention goes to an Italian couple, 99-year-old Antonio and his 97-year-old wife Rosa who divorced after 77 years of marriage after discovering an affair she had in the 1940s.


There you have it, some of the most interesting world records for marriage and divorce! If you have questions about divorce,

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