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Huntington Beach Child Custody Attorney: Protecting Children’s Best Interests in Child Custody Law Suits

In any child custody or visitation discussion, the primary question should be, “What is in the best interest of my children?”

At the Law Offices of William M. Strachan in Huntington Beach, Practice Areas - Child Custody & Visitation Attorney - William Strachan Family Law, Huntington Beach, CACalifornia, we understand that child custody disputes can be difficult for any family. Divorce & Family Law Firm of William M. Strachan has, in the most effective and expedient manner, successfully represented child custody agreements resulting from divorce and ensures clarity around custody modification orders, joint or sole child custody and child visitation rights for over 28 years. Paternity disputes like child move aways & relocation as Huntington Beach family law attorneys is also our specialty. Legal responsibilities in uncontested divorce costs is only one of the free consultations we provide to all Orange County areas like Lake Forest, San Juan Capistrano, Huntington Beach, La Habra, Los Alamitos, La Palma, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills and surrounding cities. Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino County and/or Inland Empire inclusive.

It is important to speak with a child custody lawyer early on in the process to minimize negative effects on your children. Contact us to discuss how we can help in a free initial consultation.

Helping You Develop a Workable Parenting Plan

When courts are involved in child custody, they presume a stable home life and a relationship with both parents are in a child’s best interest. As your legal representation, attorney Strachan works with you to develop a parenting plan that meets your goals and is in your child’s best interest.

A parenting plan is an agreement between you and your spouse or a court order that clearly spells out physical child custody (periods of parental responsibility for a child), legal custody (the authority to make important decisions for a child), and visitation rights (periods of parental contact for a non-custodial parent). We will advise you of all your options and the best method to protect your parental rights.

Notable International Child Custody Case

In the 1998 case, In re Marriage of Condon 62 Cal. App. 4th 533, Mr. Strachan represented a divorcing client who resided with his wife and children in France, Australia and Los Angeles, CA during the marriage. The case was litigated and an international joint child custody order was pronounced which included an order to have spousal and child support deposited into a travel trust, which was then used to pay for airfare and travel costs so the children could maintain frequent and continuous contact with both parents.

Modification and Enforcement Issues

Families continue to change even after a court finalizes a divorce. We both represent and defend people in modification and enforcement hearings. The success of a modification or enforcement proceeding may depend on how clearly the child custody order is written. Complications arise when the meaning of an order can be subjected to various interpretations. When it comes to ensuring any child custody and visitation rights are enforced it’s important to have a lawyer who is familiar with the many facets of family law.

When considering whether to allow a move away or relocation, the court will consider the circumstances, the impact on the children’s best interests, the relationships with both parents, and the impact on the relationship of the children and their stay behind parent.

If you have sole physical custody, the law allows you to move without the necessity of a a new trial, as long as you have good-faith reason for the move, provided that the noncustodial parent cannot demonstrate that the move would be detrimental to his or her relationship with the children. If you have joint physical custody, the law provides that you are entitled to a new trial on what custodial arrangement is in the best interest of the children.

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