Child Support Modification Attorney

Child Support Enforcement and Modification Lawyer

Practice Areas - Attorney for Child Support Enforcement & Modification - William Strachan Family Law, Huntington Beach, CAThere are many different issues with child support obligations. A recipient parent may not receive enough support to support their child, or a parent may find his child support so high that they cannot meet his or her own needs.

A parent that fails to pay child support may be subject to civil and criminal liability. We have a lot of experience representing parents seeking additional support, and those concerned that their child support obligations are so high that it will prevent them from meeting their own needs. We are skilled at representing parents in each situation.

The Law Offices of William M. Strachan in Huntington Beach, California represents parents in both child support enforcement and modification actions following a divorce. Child support enforcement actions can be filed by a private attorney or with the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). In both Orange County and Los Angeles County, the process to modify and enforce child support can be complicated. Having an attorney represent you protects your rights, speeds up the process of support modification, and also potentially maximizes the amount you will receive, or minimizes the amount you will have to pay. It is important to have lawyer skilled in child support enforcement and modifications in order to ensure you can navigate the often-difficult process. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

When parents fail to live up to their child support obligations, they have two options. One option is to agree upon an adequate modification or a reasonable payment arrangement. If we are unable to work out an arrangement with the other parent, we will file an action with the family law court. If the DCSS files an action, we will go with you to meet with the DCSS staff attorney and the other parties to try to resolve this matter. If the matter cannot be resolved, we are prepared to litigate the issue in front of a judge or commissioner.

If a noncustodial parent does not comply with a child support order, an attorney has a variety of ways to force a parent to comply with a valid child support order. They can garnish wages, file a contempt proceeding, freeze a bank account, place a lien against their property, and use other methods to enforce a valid support order. The DCSS can do all of these things as well, and can also revoke any state license, such as a professional license.